Nov 012012

The title of this is e-Letter is a question that is being echoed from different parts of campus and is being focused on the new Health Sciences Building. As we meet with members as part of our bargaining preparations, we are hearing concerns about impacts on research and teaching programs in relation to relocating to […]

Oct 172012

University Council is the body responsible for overseeing and directing academic affairs at the U of S. It meets monthly from September to June and its next meeting is this Thursday (October 18th) at 2:30 in Arts 241 – Neatby-Timlin Theatre. Thursday’s Council meeting package, at page 28, includes a report in response to a […]

Oct 102012

We tend to complain – a lot – about increasing administrative overburden at the university. Dr Claire Polster has an interesting take on this – that this kind of complaining may actually entrench and enhance the harmful effects of these practices. It’s an intriguing thought that led the USFA Committee on University Administrative Practices and […]

Oct 052012

Recent events in the College of Medicine prove that the principle of collegial governance is in good health at the University of Saskatchewan. At its September 20th meeting, University Council was required by an action of the General Academic Assembly (a voting body including all faculty members) to reconsider its May 17th motion to impose […]

Sep 182012

The newly constituted USFA Committee on University Administrative Practice provides a forum for USFA members to monitor, discuss, and provide commentary on administrative practice at the University of Saskatchewan. By ‘administrative practice’ we mean those practices undertaken by senior administration, support staff, and faculty under the heading of ‘administrative duties’, all intended to manage and […]

Sep 122012

At last week’s special meeting of the General Academic Assembly (GAA), the motion pursuant to Article 67(2)(a) of the University of Saskatchewan Act, to direct University Council to reconsider its May decision to create three new divisions in the College of Medicine was passed with a solid majority (200 in favour, 93 opposed). A strong […]

Aug 142012

The U of S Act provides that the General Academic Assembly (GAA) may direct University Council to reconsider a decision authorizing the Board of Governors to establish or disestablish Colleges, Departments or Institutes. To do that, 50 or more members of the GAA must request that a special meeting of the GAA be called for […]

Jun 282012

The USFA Executive Committee wants to express its deepest condolences to the family and friends of our colleague, Peter Dooley. The University of Saskatchewan Faculty Association would not be what it is today if not for his work. Peter was Chair of the Faculty Association when it became a certified trade union in the 1970’s […]

May 292012

On April 16th the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC) announced that it had reached an agreement with Access Copyright about a model licence agreement to cover reproduction and digital content on university campuses. On April 17th CAUT released a statement in response urging institutions to refuse to enter into the agreement and, […]

May 282012

The Fairbairn motion related to the College of Medicine concept paper that was passed by University Council on May 17, 2012 is another example of the undermining of collegial self-governance and decision making.  Against 100 years of collegial tradition, the concept paper was sent to University Council for a decision prior to input from faculty […]

May 222012

Recent cuts to Library and Archives Canada included the elimination of the National Archival Development Program (NADP), a peer-reviewed funding agency that supports local archival activities across Canada, including some in University Archives at the U of S. Funds from this program are essential to University Archives and enhancing access to primary source research resources. […]

May 152012

The USFA Executive recently communicated its concerns about the proposed “restructuring” in the College of Medicine. The timing and process associated with these announcements raises troubling questions. The Concept Paper, which contemplates the elimination of the Clinician-Teacher category of faculty appointment (of which there are more than 100), was announced just as the President and […]

May 092012

In an article printed on May 3rd and May 4th, the Star-Phoenix reported that, based on the StatsCan final data for 2010–11, mean salaries at the U of S were $148,754 for Full professors, $121,339 for Associate professors, and $105,102 for Assistant professors.  We wish these numbers were accurate, but they are not.  The numbers […]

May 072012

Hello everyone. Now that warmer weather is here it’s a great time to get out of your office. Take a stroll over to the Faculty Club on May 16 and join us from 4:00 to 6:30 in the Windows Room for our next member social. It’s a wonderful opportunity to clink a glass, bend an […]

Apr 252012

The recent announcement of restructuring in the College of Medicine has surprised and shocked affected faculty members in the College. The draft discussion paper, titled “Academic Reorganization and Administrative Alignment in the College of Medicine”, which proposes dramatic changes, is being rushed to University Council on May 17, 2012, in the final months of the […]

Apr 122012

The USFA Constitution provides for two general membership meetings per year. The official meeting notice for the Spring General Meeting will be going out in the next few days. This meeting is scheduled for April 20 at 2:00 p.m. in Arts 143 and will include information about negotiations, a discussion of the recent provincial budget, […]

Mar 192012

The USFA Constitution mandates an annual election of one-half of the members of the Executive Committee. By now you should have received the 2012 election package. Any regular member of the Association is eligible to run for a position and the term of office is two years. While, it has long been recognized that serving […]

Mar 132012

Our current Collective Agreement expires on June 30, 2013 and preparation for the next round of bargaining by the USFA has already begun. Faculty Association Representatives (FARs) will play an integral part in the preparation process and we ask that members consult with their FARs regarding bargaining preparations. We have already met and provided FARs […]

Mar 092012

One of the most thought-provoking presentations at the 2011 Western Regional Conference of Faculty Associations was with respect to administrative practices at universities. Faculty members are faced with an ever-growing burden of administrative requirements.  An incremental change to university administrative practices that may appear logical from the viewpoint of administrative personnel may, in some instances, […]

Mar 092012

It has come to our attention that junior faculty have been counseled by some senior administrators not to publish results from their PhD thesis, as the various standards require that tenure candidates provide “compelling evidence that a body of high quality scholarly work has been completed beyond that demonstrated at appointment” (our emphasis).  Thus it […]