Mar 222017

Representatives of the Saskatchewan Association of University Teachers will be in attendance at the Legislature today to hear firsthand how much financial support from the Provincial Government will be provided to Saskatchewan Universities for 2017-18.

Saskatchewan is home to world renowned scholars and high quality degree programs because our universities are more than simply institutions of higher learning. They serve the public good, add to the economy and are cherished by the people of the province. Our Universities must be appropriately funded to maintain and grow what we have.

Public post-secondary institutions thrive only as a result of stable, adequate public funding. Any departure from this model harms the universities and harms us all. “We have now had multiple years of the provincial government cutting back and clawing back the operating funds of Saskatchewan’s universities and post-secondary institutions,” says Dennis Fitzpatrick, President of SAUT. “Ongoing underfunding is jeopardizing the quality, affordability and accessibility of advanced education in Saskatchewan. What our institutions look like in the future depends on base operating funds from the provincial government.”

From the beginning, the people of Saskatchewan recognized the value of education and the return that is realized on investment in autonomous institutions of post-secondary education. “The Saskatchewan Government should be increasing base operating funds to our universities and to post-secondary institutions in our province not just maintaining it and certainly not cutting it,” says Fitzpatrick.

SAUT is the voice for more than 2,500 academic and general staff at Saskatchewan Universities.


Mar 202017

In light of the government directive to constrain salaries of university employees, it is important to remember that the funding it provides is not only a sound investment in the Saskatchewan economy, but also one that will shape the province’s future for better or worse. We have been building for years to attract the “best and brightest” to the U of S as one of Canada’s U15. Is now the time to lose ground?

A recent study of the economic impact of the U of S found that our impact on the provincial economy is more than that of any other university in Canada, and of greater importance to the provincial economy than any of our U15 peers. Our per capita contribution to the provincial economy was found to be $1,522.

About 1.5% of the provincial economy is tied to the U of S, our University supports just under 12,000 jobs in Saskatchewan (just under 8,000 jobs at the U of S alone), and we attract new talent and business to the province that would not otherwise come here.

Our students also represent the future of business and entrepreneurship, health and research, and creative industries in Saskatchewan. Operating funds from the provincial government are also an investment in them. The costs associated with offering high quality degree programs have been increasing, and students are already offsetting those costs through higher tuition. Tuition for the next academic year will increase by an overall weighted average of 2.3 per cent, when 2016-17 tuition at the U of S was the highest in Western Canada.

Our university is well worth the investment.

Mar 162017

The Faculty Association has filed a grievance against the employer for surreptitiously audio-recording collegial committee meetings and deliberations. The recording was done without the knowledge and/or the consent of the members of the collegial committee, which did not have written procedures in place regarding the recording of deliberations. The surreptitious nature of the recording is […]

Mar 142017

The USFA Scholarship Program is open to students who are immediate family members of USFA members. Immediate family includes spouse/partner, sons, daughters or children whom USFA members have served as legal guardians. The application form for the 2016-2017 USFA Scholarship Fund Program is now available exclusively online at: Students can apply online through their […]

Mar 062017

Like all publicly funded institutions in this province, our university faces a directive from the Government of Saskatchewan to constrain the total cost of employee compensation so that it is no greater than what it was in 2016–17. The government suggests that the Board of Governors achieve this goal by entering into negotiations immediately and […]

Mar 022017

Faculty members getting ready for tenure and promotion are under pressure to publish their research and scholarly work. According to the University Standards, candidates for tenure and promotion are required to demonstrate, through publications in reputable, peer reviewed outlets that the results of their research have made a contribution to the field of specialization, sufficient […]

Feb 152017

On March 8 at noon there will be a rally at the Provincial Legislature. We need you to attend. The USFA is willing to help transport members and members of our university community to Regina for the rally. This rally is an opportunity for people from across the province to come together before the budget […]

Feb 092017

Consider nominating someone you know for the USFA’s Dooley Award or Millard Award. The Dooley Award recognizes people or organizations that have been champions of collegial self-governance in Canada. The Millard Award recognizes USFA members who have assisted and/or supported a USFA member or members, or faculty generally, through their involvement with the Association. How […]

Feb 072017

Going into negotiations we have to consider that the largest source of revenue for the university is the operating grant from the Government of Saskatchewan. With this year’s provincial deficit now projected to be $1.2B and growing, and where “everything is on the table,” what  will this mean for our university? Will the U of […]

Feb 032017

Claims for reimbursement for any expenses from any of the benefit plans must be submitted to Sun Life within 90 days of the end of the calendar year in which the expense is incurred. This deadline applies to 2016 claims made under the Dental Plan, Health Plan or Flexible Spending Program (Health Spending Account or […]

Feb 012017

To our Muslim co-workers, to our Muslim students, to our whole community, the USFA joins with Canadians across the country in extending our deepest condolences to the families and friends of those killed and injured in the attack in Quebec City on Sunday. As scholars, teachers, and citizens we deplore the emboldening of racists and […]

Jan 312017

Our employer has expressed a commitment to spousal hiring to support the recruitment and retention of faculty, but in recent conversations with new members, the university’s support for spousal and partner hiring (whether academic or otherwise) has been flagged as a problem for families relocating to Saskatoon. We invite you to contact the USFA office […]

Jan 262017

Nominations are now open for the Peter C. Dooley Legacy Award and the Peter T. Millard Award. In April we will be presenting these awards at a celebration dinner and we encourage you to submit nominations. Nominations for these Awards can be made by any current USFA member or by any USFA committee. The nomination […]

Jan 182017

The USFA Executive Committee is looking for volunteers to draft a Strike Policy for the membership’s consideration at the spring general meeting on April 21, 2017. The USFA is now a member of the CAUT Strike Defence Fund. In the event of a strike lasting more than 2 days, we will receive daily strike benefits […]

Jan 112017

USFA members are invited to submit an application to the Executive Committee for reimbursement of attendance at a conference/workshop/meeting related to the USFA including, but not limited to, labour relations, academic freedom, employment equity, and workplace health and safety. In the Spring of 2016, the USFA Executive Committee replaced the USFA Policy for Association Spending […]

Nov 292016

Last year we heard from members who were asked to provide an accounting of their planned achievements, including desired research output, number of publications, and grant applications, and were told that this plan would be considered when awarding merit. This year some units are considering whether to incorporate achievement plans into Guidelines for the Assignment […]

Nov 242016

It has come to our attention that the reporting requirements of the salary review process are not being met. The Collective Agreement requires that Department and College Salary Committees report their rankings, decisions, and reasons to members of their unit. These reports are an important part of ensuring a fair, inclusive, and transparent process. They […]

Nov 012016

The USFA Executive has voted to endorse the Canadian Federation of Students’ National Day of Action calling for a national, universal, tuition-free system of public, post-secondary education. Students, workers, community members are uniting to mobilize for a cross-country Day of Action on Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016. Join others in the Bowl from 1:00pm to 3:00pm […]

Nov 012016

If you are required to maintain a certification or license in order to perform your academic duties, you may be eligible for reimbursement of some or all of your licensing or certification fees (Article 22.12.2). Claims for reimbursement must be submitted between November 1 and December 1, 2016. What you need to know: Claim forms […]