Mar 292017

Saskatoon – The recently announced provincial budget will have substantial negative consequences on post-secondary education in Saskatchewan.

The dramatic reduction in operating funds after multiple years of provincial government cut backs and claw backs is jeopardizing the quality, affordability and accessibility of advanced education in Saskatchewan. Our Universities and post-secondary institutions serve the public good, add to the economy and are cherished by the people of the province. They must be appropriately funded to maintain and grow what we have.

Ziad Ghaith, President of the Graduate Student’s Association at the U of S, said “The reduction to the base funding for post-secondary institutions, the elimination of tax credits for education, the cut in scholarship funding, and the suspension of Saskatchewan Advantage Grant for Education Savings will further impoverish students.” The costs associated with high quality degree programs have been increasing, and students are already offsetting those costs through higher tuition. Average tuition at the U of S has increased more than 18 percent since the 2012-13 academic year. This year it was the highest in Western Canada and next year it will increase yet again by a further 2.3 per cent.

“Our students represent the future of business and entrepreneurship, health and research, in a prosperous, caring and creative Saskatchewan. Operating funds from the provincial government are an investment in them,” said U of S Faculty Association Chair Len Findlay, adding, “But it’s about more than students. Public post-secondary institutions thrive only as a result of stable, adequate public funding. Any departure from this model harms the universities and harms us all.”

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The Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) is a non-for-profit organization representing the over 4000 graduate students at the University of Saskatchewan.

The U of S Faculty Association is the certified bargaining agent for approximately 1100 academic employees at the University of Saskatchewan.

For further information:
Len Findlay, Chair USFA, 306-966-5609
Zaid Ghaith, President GSA, 306-966-8471

Feb 292016

February 29, 2016

Two pre-election forums on the issue of post-secondary education in Saskatchewan are being hosted by the Saskatchewan Association of University Teachers (SAUT) in conjunction with the University of Regina Faculty Association, St. Thomas More Faculty Union and the University of Saskatchewan Faculty Association.

Saskatoon: Regina:
Tuesday, March 1 Thursday, March 3
2:00 to 5:00 p.m. 5:00 to 8:00 p.m.
Neatby-Timlin Theatre (241 Arts) Education Building, Main Auditorium
University of Saskatchewan University of Regina


“The Government of Saskatchewan holds tremendous sway over the state of post-secondary education in our province,” says SAUT President Sylvain Rheault. “The governing party chooses the amount of operating funds post-secondary institutions receive. It chooses which capital projects it will fund. It chooses research it will support. And, it chooses the majority of appointees to boards that govern post-secondary institutions in Saskatchewan.”

This event is an opportunity to hear firsthand what provincial parties plan for the immediate future of post-secondary education in Saskatchewan and to pose questions about where we are headed and why. Representatives from the Saskatchewan Party, the New Democratic Party of Saskatchewan, the Saskatchewan Progressive Conservative Party and the Green Party of Saskatchewan will be in attendance. “Education is an important issue to the people of Saskatchewan,” says Rheault, “An understanding of the possible direction it’s heading is needed. What are provincial parties thinking when it comes to post-secondary education in our province? What are their plans for the future?”

These events are hosted by the Saskatchewan Association of University Teachers (SAUT) in conjunction with the St. Thomas More Faculty Union, the University of Saskatchewan Faculty Association and the University of Regina Faculty Association. They are not debates between parties and are open to anyone interested in attending.

SAUT is the voice for more than 2,300 academic and professional staff at Saskatchewan Universities.

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For further information contact:
Johanne Brassard: 306-966-5610

Sylvain Rheault: 306-550-5726

Sep 292015

(Saskatoon – September 28, 2015) Leading up to the October 19 federal election, scientists and researchers are meeting across Canada to discuss the need to address the crisis of research and science policy and funding in Canada. The University of Saskatchewan Faculty Association (USFA) is hosting two discussion events in Saskatoon: Louis’ Loft (on campus): […]

Dec 112013

Don’t forget that on Tuesday, December 17th at 4:00, we have a member social planned.  Stop by the Windows Room on the main floor of the University Club for some holiday cheer. It will be a chance to connect with other USFA members from across campus and to speak with Executive members about the TransformUS […]

Dec 092013

Please join us for our next social in the Windows Room on the main floor of the University Club on Tuesday, December 17th at 4:00 PM.  Stop by for some holiday cheer and a chance to chat with other USFA members from across campus.  All USFA members are welcome to attend. Please contact Tammy Stieb […]

Oct 222013

USFA members who have a combined age and years of service equal to or greater than 85 are eligible to apply for the Incentive Plan for Retirement (IPR). The application deadline is October 31, 2013. See for application form and additional information. Members are reminded that they may withdraw an application for the IPR […]

Feb 222013

Dear members: Today, the Negotiating Teams for the USFA and Employer signed off on a tentative agreement for the period July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014 (attached).  The agreement  provides for an extension to the terms of the current collective agreement with a 1% scale increase to all salaries and salary scales, plus the […]

Sep 212012

Preparations for the next round of bargaining are well under way. The current collective agreement expires on June 30, 2013. Through preliminary discussions with the Employer, we expect to begin bargaining early in the new year with the goal of having a new agreement ratified before the expiry of the current one. The Executive of […]

Sep 212012

Each fall for the last half dozen years the USFA Executive has hosted lunches for relatively new USFA members who are still in the first few years of their appointment. That tradition continues and invitations have gone out. For many new faculty, their appointment here is the first of their career and it is their […]

Sep 212012

In 2010-2011 the USFA Executive created the Member Development Committee. The purpose of this committee is to create initiatives to increase the participation of USFA members in the work of the USFA. Last year, the Committee held monthly member socials to create a regular opportunity for USFA members to connect with each other, with Executive […]

Sep 212012

The 2012-2013 academic year is starting out as a busy one for the Association Grievance Committee (AGC). Two arbitrations are scheduled for the fall. One concerns the assignment of duties in the Library and the other is a continuation of the legal issues raised when the former President overturned a decision of a Renewal and […]

Sep 212012

The 2012–2013 year is already shaping up to be an interesting one. The recent special meeting of the General Academic Assembly was history-making and those of you who attended should give yourselves a pat on the back for being a part of it. Your participation in University governance is important to ensuring a vibrant institution. […]

Mar 272012

The USFA Scholarship was established in 2004. Each year scholarship awards are made to eligible students of USFA Faculty members. The University of Saskatchewan makes an annual contribution to the fund of $250,000. In 2010/2011 a record number of 208 applications were received. Of these applicants, 196 students were eligible for partial tuition reimbursement. For […]

Mar 272012

For the 9th year in a row, VGLI members will receive a contribution holiday. The duration of this year’s holiday is four months. The VGLI premiums for the months of March, April, May and June, 2012 will be paid for by the USFA VGLI Trust Fund. The USFA is the sponsor of the VGLI plan […]

Mar 272012

Our first experience with the new salary review provisions in the Collective Agreement is nearing completion.  Departments and Colleges have awarded their portions of the merit pool and the President’s Review Committee is in the final stages of its deliberations.  The USFA has received an enormous amount of feedback regarding the new salary review process, […]

Mar 272012

Our current collective agreement expires on June 30, 2013.  Both the USFA and Employer are committed to settling the next agreement prior to expiry of the present one, so it is likely that we will be at the table in early 2013.  As a consequence, preparation for the next round of bargaining by the USFA […]

Mar 272012

It’s that time of year again. The process for the assignment of duties is underway. It is an open and transparent process that requires your participation and it is through your participation that transparency and fairness are ensured in the same manner as other collegial processes. Duties are assigned by your Department Head, or in […]

Mar 272012

The Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) currently has underway a campaign to protect Library and Archives Canada (LAC). The Campaign, launched in November 2011, is in response to funding cuts and internal managerial decisions that are threatening the quality and integrity of Canada’s only national public library and archives. The changes in the name […]

Mar 272012

The USFA Executive Committee is always advising and encouraging members to get involved, not just in the USFA but in the governance of the University. One of the easiest ways to be involved in University governance is to make a point of attending the annual meeting of the General Academic Assembly (GAA). This year, the […]