May 202016

Voting is underway for the faculty representative on the U of S Board of Governors, with ballots closing on May 25th. If you have not yet voted, consider participating in the process to determine who will take the seat of the faculty member on our Board of Governors. As recent events across Canada have shown, the role of faculty representatives on these boards is becoming an increasingly controversial issue, and has the potential to be so in the context of our university as well.

Mar 012016

Senior administration at the University of Saskatchewan appears to be poised to undergo a marked transformation. Of 73 senior administrative positions covered by MoA 2 of the Collective Agreement, 3 are TBA, 11 are Interim, 5 are Acting and 32 have terms that will conclude in 2016. Combined, this represents more than half of all senior administrators at our university.

USFA members have not only a vested interest but also the right to participate fully in the processes of appointing and reappointing senior administrators. Find out more about faculty’s roles in appointment and review of senior administrators, in the most current issue of Collectively Speaking.

Oct 162015

We are in the dying days of the federal election campaign. Our most recent issue of Collectively Speaking is a reflection by USFA Chair Larry Stewart, following our two Get Research Right discussion events, about the importance of considering research when you cast your ballot. Download Collectively Speaking – Get Research Right: It’s your choice […]

Sep 112015

The choices of federal governments about research and science policy and funding are an election issue that directly impacts USFA members. Our September issue of Collectively Speaking offers some reasons why we need to give thorough consideration to this topic when it comes to our choices on election-day. Download Collectively Speaking: Get Research Right PDF

Mar 182015

Our latest Collectively Speaking, by Eric Neufeld (Department Head, Computer Science), contains some ideas and advice for units to consider as they proceed. Download Collectively Speaking PDF

Nov 282014

The USFA’s September e-Letter advocating transparency in the presidential search resulted in a few expressions of disagreement by faculty members. In the spirit of reasoned debate, we offer a lengthier explanation of the principles on which the e-Letter was based, along with an opposing argument by Dwight Newman, College of Law. Collectively Speaking: Presidential Search […]

Nov 142014

The 2010-13 Collective Agreement contained significant changes to the salary review procedures in Article 17 and our new 2014-17 Agreement includes a few further refinements. In this issue we will summarize the recent changes and provide some guidance for this important collegial process. Click here for a pdf of this issue of Collectively Speaking.

Sep 182014

Throughout the upheaval of the past six months, the USFA Executive directed considerable efforts toward reaching a settlement at the negotiating table. We reached a tentative three-year agreement on July 30 and ratified it on September 2. We anticipate the Board of Governors will vote on the agreement at their meeting in early October. We […]

Feb 122014

A pdf is available here. Dear Members: There is much discussion with respect to opinions being expressed about TransformUS and the action, or inaction, of the USFA. Based on the many emails I have been receiving from members, I think it is clear that there are a few misconceptions. First let me say that the […]

Dec 202013

On December 9, the TransformUS Task Force reports were released, but the process is not yet complete. Between now and February there will be consultation and opportunities to provide feedback. From February to April the President’s Committee on Integrated Planning (PCIP) will review the feedback and develop an implementation plan, which will be shared in […]

Nov 162012

This issue of Collectively Speaking is a memo composed by Doug Chivers, USFA Chair and Rawson Professor of Biology, to a number of senior U of S administrators including the President, the Provost and Vice-President Academic, the Vice-President Research, the Vice-Provost, Faculty Relations, the Acting Vice-President Finance and Resources and the Associate Vice-President Human Resources. […]

Apr 192012

Changes to Canadian copyright law are underway, with the Copyright Modernization Act (Bill C-32) presented to the House of Commons for a third reading last month, and expected to become law. This new legislation will create a new reality for faculty, especially as it is coupled with the decision last year by a majority of […]

Jan 102012

Most of us who have joined the academy have a notion that we enjoy “academic freedom”, but most would be surprised to find out that, like other freedoms, it is not a well-defined concept and, like the concept of “tenure”, it is not governed by legislation. It is more typically described in mission statements or […]

Nov 232011

Last week we sent out an e-Letter about tenure not being a term appearing in Saskatchewan legislation. While tenure and the ideals it holds have been a part of academia and the task of imparting knowledge to others for a very long time, it is not something that exists in the laws of our province. […]

Nov 012011

It’s 9:00 a.m. Tuesday, November 1, 2011. There are 6 days and 11 hours left until the polls close on Election Day. There’s plenty of time to make yourself aware of issues affecting the people of Saskatchewan. One of the best sources of information out there right now is the Labour Issues Campaign of the […]

Mar 182011

Article 17 of the 2010-13 Collective Agreement contains significant changes to Article 17 with respect to salary review procedures and the awarding of merit. In this issue we summarize these important changes and provide some guidance for their implementation. These changes are aimed at improving the process, the reasons for the award of special increases, […]

Jan 282011

A Participatory Process This is the time of year when the process for the assignment of duties begins. Article 11 of the Collective Agreement covers this process. It is an open and transparent process that requires your participation. It is through your participation that transparency and fairness are ensured in the same manner as other […]

Jan 282011

Recently the Faculty Association communicated a series of e-mails about the merit-based part of our salary system.   This multi-part communication generated a lot of faculty responses. We want to summarize and share with you some of these responses which express views both in favour and against the concept of merit pay. The Pros and Cons […]