Oct 232019

The Association Grievance Committee filed a grievance at the first Joint Grievance Committee meeting on September 19, 2019, calling into question the fairness and equity of the RCM (Responsibility Centre Management) model of funding for academic units.

Especially troubling for the USFA are the ever-increasing teaching credit-unit obligations placed on faculty, most notably in the Colleges of Education and Nursing. While faculty in these colleges face ever-increasing teaching loads, the expectations for research and administration remain unchanged. This is an untenable position for faculty. The failure to correspondingly reduce expectations with respect to research and administration as a result of increasing teaching loads results in contract violations of fairness in the assignment of duties and means that the faculty Guidelines for Assignment of Duties are not properly followed.

It is the position of the Association, as outlined in the grievance, that the implementation of the new RCM funding model has led to an inequitable distribution of duties amongst select Colleges by disproportionately reducing the funding to these Colleges thereby requiring them to increase teaching loads well beyond what is standard across the workplace where the funding has not been so reduced.

At JCMA the USFA has raised the issue of “active” vs. “non-active” researchers and the funding implications on academic units resulting from this declaration, as well as assignments of duties that assign a split of duties to employees stipulating 40% teaching, 40% research and 20% administration, regardless of the individual assignments of more or less teaching or administrative service.

University Administration’s choices have an impact on the working conditions of faculty members. The University Administration does not have to choose to adopt the RCM model of funding academic units. The USFA is committed to equity and fairness for its members and we encourage University Administration to fully examine and consider alternative funding models.

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