Apr 032019

The 2019 annual election of Executive Committee members has completed.  As you recall, we called to elect six members:

one in Category A (Instructor, Lecturer, Special Lecturer, Assistant Librarian, or Assistant Professor)

one in Category B (Associate Librarian or Associate Professor)

one in Category C (Librarian or Professor)

three in Category D (membership at large)

And, you also recall that at the close of nominations (March 26), we did not receive enough nominations to fill all vacancies and chose to extend the nomination period to April 1.  On April 1, we still did not have all vacancies filled, and we could not extend nominations past that date.

Therefore, the elections committee is acclaiming the candidates who stepped forward:

Category A:   no nominations: the elections committee will organize a by-election for July when the seat is vacated

Category B:   Lenaic Couedel, Associate Professor, Physics and Engineering Physics, College of Arts and Science

Category C:   John Gjevre, Professor, Medicine, College of Medicine

Category D:   Geraldine Balzer, Associate Professor, Curriculum Studies, College of Education

                      Doug Chivers, Professor, Biology, College of Arts and Science

          Eric Neufeld, Professor, Computer Science, College of Arts and Science
As there is no voting required, there are no voting tallies.  The first nomination received was acclaimed into the category into which it fit; later nominations were acclaimed into Category D (membership at large).

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