Mar 182019

Duties assigned to faculty at the ranks of instructor and lecturer differ from the duties assigned to the professorial ranks, which include research, scholarly, and artistic work: instructors and lecturers are expected to focus on the delivery of instruction in support of academic programs.

Assignment of duties for Instructors and Lecturers is in accordance with Article 11, with a few differences:

  • Yearly assigned teaching duties shall be distributed as evenly as possible across all three terms.
  • Instructors and Lecturers do not have a non-teaching term. However, duties must be assigned to allow for vacation to be taken as an unbroken period of time during the spring session, the summer session, or at another time of the year.
  • Instructors and Lecturers are not eligible for extra compensation for teaching in a non-teaching term (Article 11.2.2(a)). This does not preclude extra compensation for extraordinary duties (Article 18.5.5).
  • Teaching assignments will not exceed 30 credit units per academic year. However, 30 credit units is not an appropriate teaching assignment in every circumstance. The demands of this academic work must be considered. For example, what has been considered full-time work during an academic term in the past for Instructors and Lecturers? Is 30 credit-units of teaching, even if the faculty member is assigned nothing else, equitable?

The assignment for Instructors and Lecturers must still be fair and fairness is determined by comparison to the duties assigned to others in your department.

If you have questions regarding Assignment of Duties (Article 11) or any provision of the Collective Agreement, let us know in a reply to this email and someone will contact you.

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