Sep 182012

The newly constituted USFA Committee on University Administrative Practice provides a forum for USFA members to monitor, discuss, and provide commentary on administrative practice at the University of Saskatchewan. By ‘administrative practice’ we mean those practices undertaken by senior administration, support staff, and faculty under the heading of ‘administrative duties’, all intended to manage and support the achievement of the University’s core functions of teaching, research, and community engagement.

Many USFA members feel that rising expectations of administrative duties encroach on their teaching, research, and community engagement duties. Others feel that greater time and energy dedicated to ‘administrative duties’ significantly impacts the balance between work and home-life. Some members note examples of where administrative practice by senior administration or support staff could be improved to better support the achievement of the University’s core functions.

The Committee on University Administrative Practice wants to hear from USFA members. Give us examples of how university administrative practice, in any of its forms as defined above, is positively or adversely affecting your role as a faculty member.

Share your thoughts by telephone with the committee’s chair, Ryan Walker, at 966-5664 or contact the Association office at 966-5609.

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